Participatory content production service and
media event management system.

Osallista ja joukkoista sisällöntuotanto Xcast-palvelun avulla

What is Xcast?

Xcast is an innovative participatory content production and online service that provides a unique experience for managing media events. With Xcast, businesses, organizations, and individuals can easily create and share accessible media events. The service offers users a clear, user-friendly, and secure environment that enables a simple channel for participatory content production.

Crowd-source the content production of your events, effortlessly gathering the highlights for yourself.

Easy participation and content production

With the Xcast’s mobile application, participants can conveniently capture and send media files directly to event organizers. Participants’ pseudonyms are added to the received media files, enabling their identification.

Osallista ja joukkoista sisällöntuotanto Xcast-palvelun avulla. Mobiili-näkymä
Osallista ja joukkoista sisällöntuotanto Xcast-palvelun avulla. Mobiili-näkymä

Creating and sharing an event

With Xcast, you can create events and invite participants to contribute to their content creation. Creating and managing events is effortless with the built-in management system on the website. You can specify the necessary details for the events, such as dates, locations, and the level of publicity. Once you have created an event, you can share it with others using a link or QR code.

Management of received files

Users are provided with real-time notifications of received images and videos when they are logged into the service. This ensures immediate access to new content. Additionally, users can manage the received files, such as viewing, deleting, downloading, and, if necessary, blocking the sender of the file. This gives users complete control over content filtering and enables the prevention of unwanted content.

The real-time notification system, combined with file management functionalities, offers users a seamless experience and helps them efficiently handle content according to their needs.

Excellent availability and security

Online service makes it platform-independent and ensures excellent accessibility for all users, regardless of the device or operating system they use. The mobile application is also available for Android and Apple devices.

The level of data security in the service is designed to meet the highest requirements of today’s digital services. All data transfer takes place through an encrypted connection, preventing unauthorized access to user information. Xcast’s server infrastructure is designed for resilience and adheres to industry best practices.

Security measures and ensuring confidentiality have been a top priority in the design of the service. This allows users to trust that their content and personal information are protected and secure during use.

Content production, creativity and interaction

With Xcast, you can create media events that inspire creativity and bring people together. Interactive content production provides opportunities to share unique moments and perspectives. The service also allows you to discover up-to-date information about ongoing and upcoming events in different cities. Xcast provides users with tools to showcase their expertise and see the world from different perspectives.

Start using Xcast and give your audience the opportunity to be part of creating your story.


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