What we do?

Flexible and secure software development

At NetSono, we securely develop web and mobile solutions according to the customer’s needs, both as complete projects and as helping hands as part of product’s software development. Communication between us and our customers is done with the customer’s level of expertise and needs in mind, so you don’t need to be a specialist in the field to reach us.

We identify our customers’ problems, provide quality solutions and maintain them with professionalism. Customer satisfaction is our core value!

Software development is our passion, our dedicated experts use the latest technologies to provide the best possible end result. Find out more about us and contact us.

Netsono coding icon graphic.

Our expertise

In web development, we create elegant websites and online shops on a turnkey basis or, if required, backend and frontend programming as customised packages and separately. We implement mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. As well as handle interface solutions between external systems and cloud services.

For challenging needs, we create user-friendly, clear, and composed user interfaces in responsive solutions that are easy for our customers to manage. We design brands’ digital presence to be distinctive and eye-catching.

To ensure that our clients’ services are faster, safer, and easy to find online through search engines, we specialize in website auditing, maintenance, and search engine optimization.

Our services

  • Software development
    • Web applications
    • Mobile Applications
    • Interface and database design
    • Integrations, cloud services
  • Websites
    • Content management systems (WordPress, Webflow)
    • Auditing, testing, maintenance
    • Content production
    • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Design
    • Responsive user interfaces
    • UI/UX design
    • Prototypes
    • Graphic design
  • Online stores
    • WordPress, WooCommerce

Examples of our work:

Our products

Xcast, participatory content production service and media event management system

Band on the Web, online service for musicians